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An enlarged clit on a girl that closely resembles a shrimp. Similiar to a bitch dick, but is more like a cocktail shrimp. Makes you question whether your girl is in fact a girl, or a she-male.
DAYUM!!! I hooked up with this girl the other night, and she had the hugest shrimp clit! I got so scurred I took off running and never looked back!
by LiLrAsCaL March 06, 2008
when a woman's gut and cunt is covered with so much fat that you can't tell where one ends and the other starts. Similiar to cankles but in your mid-section.
Dayum homie! Yo' girl has the biggest gunt I ever seen!!! How can you find her jewels?
by LiLrAsCaL March 06, 2008
Almost a mullet, but not quite. A mullet is classified as a kickback when the party in the back isn't quite big enough to be considered a party, so it is therefor considered a kickback...
Hey dude, look at that guy's mullet! It like the party in the back isn't that big so it's more like a kickback!
by LiLrAsCaL March 06, 2008
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