To go play soccer with your friends, commonly used phrase on the west coast
"kick it" as in "kicking the soccer ball"
by Wacker12 November 26, 2011
What men say when they wanna come over to have sex.
Girl: What do you wanna do tonight?
Guy: Oh I was just thinkin we could "kick it" at your place.
by Tigerfly January 09, 2006
to leave or exit in a cool manner.
Ted: alright, i gotta kick it.
Mark: thanks for coming, yo!
by vandalboi09 September 25, 2008
When the joint is about done with and it is only good for about 1 more hit. You want to get ride of that shit quick. So you take 1 last good hit, almost as your son was gonna leave your life FOREVER and this is the last time you will ever be able to kiss and hug him type shit. And then toss it away to bare the pain or keepin it to put it in a bowl so you can drain every ounce of him, almost as they can spend every last second with him.

Usually refers to young adults livin in the middle class or low-middle class toking up where they are at risk of getting caught by the proper authorities in thier life.

A pot head usually never turns down an offer to kick it, no matter what.
A - Aight, you can kick it, I am good.

* K takes a deep hit*

K - fuck it, d can finish it

*D takes the hardest hit he could, burns it out, put in pocket and dipped w/ them*


J : yo, get rid of this shit, kick it and lets get the fuck of here

by BRoasta March 26, 2009
when a joint is finished, the last user flicks the butt, and stomps it out, or "kicks it"
joe: "here, finish this shit"

john takes a final hit

joe: "alright, kick it, and lets get the fuck outa here"
by marge1050 April 30, 2008
To go home.
"Nah, I think I'm just gunna kick it"
by d-unit June 25, 2003
To play a song a high degree of skill; possibly to improvise.
How about, we'll kick it. I'll say "kick it" and you just kick it with a tasty groove... ready... kick it... kick it... come on goddammit Kyle could you one time kick it what the fuck? We have a crucial clutch-cargo gig coming up Kyle you COCKSUCKER! You don't give a shit and I've been sittin' around gettin' sick of your attitude! You fucker! You fuckin' biiitch!
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003

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