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asking someone to leave...
You need to kick rocks before bunyard sees you around here
by jess July 08, 2003
Leave, clock out, go home.
"Our labor is running too high, tell one of the boys to kick rocks"

"No one wants you here, now kick rocks!"
by Drumsolomashup October 10, 2009
A way of telling someone to leave in an aggressive encounter with another person. Best used when the user is nonplussed, unintimidated or amused by the offending personality, and the offending personality is in a state of outrage, lacking self control, making a spectacle of the encounter. Often used in reference to a stuck up female. Bouncer slang
Get out, take your hair piece with you. Kick rocks!
by tnmnsquare May 02, 2011
This means get lost, or jump off a cliff
I hope you die just kickrocks while your at it....
by Sexisherri December 07, 2007
-take a hike
-beat it

-get lost
"i heard Kara wanted to do it too"- Steven
"Bro, Kara could kick rocks for all i care"- Gio
by rehctelf November 07, 2010
to get going, start walking to your destination
I think it's time to kick rocks, I'm outta here.
by Jolicious August 19, 2008
Statement, usually made in a hostile or aggressive manner, which invites the addressee to vacate the premises, or pursue career options elsewhere. In an employee-employer discussion, usually ends the bargaining process immediately. Alliteration to walking down a dirt road and kicking rocks as you go.
"If I can't get another dollar an hour, I'm going somewhere else."
"Well...I guess you can just kick rocks then."

"That guy just told me he isn't coming to work on Friday."
"Then he can fucking kick rocks on Monday."
by jcodya December 23, 2009