1:a phrase emplying that someone needs to find somethin' constructive to do with their time
2:a negative or rude manner to tell someone to leave you alone
You need to stop callin my pipe. Kick rocks!
by Home Team August 10, 2006
Leave, clock out, go home.
"Our labor is running too high, tell one of the boys to kick rocks"

"No one wants you here, now kick rocks!"
by Drumsolomashup October 10, 2009
Term derived from penitentiary slang when in the yard at the pen meaning go hang out by yourself.
Go kick rocks seal team six.
by PineappleJuice March 01, 2015
A way of telling someone to leave in an aggressive encounter with another person. Best used when the user is nonplussed, unintimidated or amused by the offending personality, and the offending personality is in a state of outrage, lacking self control, making a spectacle of the encounter. Often used in reference to a stuck up female. Bouncer slang
Get out, take your hair piece with you. Kick rocks!
by tnmnsquare May 02, 2011
This means get lost, or jump off a cliff
I hope you die just kickrocks while your at it....
by Sexisherri December 07, 2007
to get going, start walking to your destination
I think it's time to kick rocks, I'm outta here.
by Jolicious August 19, 2008
-take a hike
-beat it

-get lost
"i heard Kara wanted to do it too"- Steven
"Bro, Kara could kick rocks for all i care"- Gio
by rehctelf November 07, 2010

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