to get going, start walking to your destination
I think it's time to kick rocks, I'm outta here.
by Jolicious August 19, 2008
Statement, usually made in a hostile or aggressive manner, which invites the addressee to vacate the premises, or pursue career options elsewhere. In an employee-employer discussion, usually ends the bargaining process immediately. Alliteration to walking down a dirt road and kicking rocks as you go.
"If I can't get another dollar an hour, I'm going somewhere else."
"Well...I guess you can just kick rocks then."

"That guy just told me he isn't coming to work on Friday."
"Then he can fucking kick rocks on Monday."
by jcodya December 23, 2009
1. a statement made to a person when things are over and nothing is left to be said

2. move around; get lost; get the hell on
Yeah, whatever! You can kick rocks!

We are so over, kick rocks!

by simplysai April 11, 2008
Meaning beat it, or get the hell outta my car.
Damit Brian, your freaken chili dog spilled all over my interior. Clean this crap up and then kick rocks!!
by dbzftr June 03, 2009

1:a phrase emplying that someone needs to find somethin' constructive to do like SELL CRACK.
You aint got no biznass over here you crack-head, go kick rocks so you can pay up sucka.
by Darwin H January 18, 2009
adj. To make a person make up for something done wrong or for a negative quality or just because there not on your level. (often by performing sexual favors)

adj. Making one go the extra mile for you. Often a condition for you to continue associating with that individual.
She better "kick rocks"- She needs to make up for something (perhaps for standing one up, letting somebody down et.) (often by performing sexual favors).

by ucntbme July 30, 2008
to leave
Yo I'm ready to leave, let's kicc roccs homie!
by JaypoDaRealestDon April 18, 2003
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