Top Definition
1.An unbeatable former asian street racer
2.means "pretty" in chinese
3.means "goldfish" in japanese
4. means "dick" in laotian
Damn, if Khoi didn't quit, noone would beat him man
by Khoi April 02, 2005
A being of Asian legend who possesses divine attributes. A being of vast knowledge and unparalleled intelligence and skills; his immortality frees him from the bindings of death. He is sent on a mission to be the eyes of the higher power.
Beware, for the eyes of khoi is watching.
by urbanlegend12345 February 12, 2010
a strange brother but can sometimes be great
Khoi is addicted to his computer.
by soykiwi March 18, 2005
one of the nicest brothers in the world
your brother is so nice i consider him a khoi
by the little one upstairs July 15, 2004
gay fish thats scared of girls
edgar: why are you being such a khoi got talk to that girl

Steven: idk why im just a khoi
by khoikhoi July 02, 2010
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