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South African - Lebanese (n) : brother.

(Adj) : cousin, mate, buddy, friend, china (see china)
Eg: Howzit my /brother, mate etc/
'KH' Pronounced with a gutteral sounding 'ch' like in German 'zieCH' or 'baCH'.

When Lebanese Catholics immigrated to South Africa, they learned to speak english and lost most of the they're old language, except for a few key words to help differentiate themselves between the many other different South Africans.
Other SA-Leb words:
Kharra/kharro - shit, crap, poo.
Shushmeh - Toilet (shit house)
Ya Ayrah - (surprise) Oh fuck! WOW!
Oy Aloi - (Aramaic Lebanese version of Oy Veih) Oh my God.
Zharras - Embarrasment
Azha - trouble
Uft - what ever
Mizryet - (pronounced MIZ RE YET) money, dosh etc.
Bint - Girl, chick, woman, etc
Zubra/Zub - Penis
Buz - Tits
Khumsh - Idiot
Wekhed - Naughty
Shukh - piss

It must strongly be noted that these words are not Arabic, but ancient Aramaic, which is what the ancient Lebanese and Hebrews spoke before Islamic-Arab genocide and massacre of the Judeo-Christian middle east. This is why so many Jews and Lebanese left, to seek safty in other lands.
Tony: Howzit cuzzie? Howz the family?
Mikey: Good my khay, they're shweet brew(see brew).
by Chris +++ May 04, 2006
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