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cute, stylish, giggly, trustworthy, soccer playing cutie. under the age of 20 and 5'5. she constantly carries perfume and smells amazing.. and always has some lip gloss on hand.
I wanna be just like Khalia
by frediford7621 October 20, 2010
Khalia is an amazing person. She gets good grades. Always goes to school. Has so many fiend .She has the bestest boyfriend ever, everyone wants his dick. She keeps everyone in check. she likes to say "Ain't nobody got time for that" and "That's Attractive". She likes to bring the best out of people. She occasionally gets people mad. she plays the flute, has small feet and a ginormous Ass, a nice body . and is very self conscious. she is also very nice <3
wow Khalia is amazing

wow Khalia has a hugeee ass it is soo jiggly
by Princess_Gano_XO April 03, 2013
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