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in california state prisons who ever has the keys of there race is the shot caller. or man in charge of his people. it derives from the act when your race wars with another race, or rides. when you ride, your at war.

also in california state prisons, there are basically 4 races that stick with each other... whites, southsiders (mexicans), northern mexicans, and blacks. each race is called a car, hence if your calling shots your driving the car, hence you need the keys to drive.
an inmate that might roll up on the yard and ask a fellow inmate "hey who's got the keys here"?
by siks66 December 12, 2006
7 32
The Keys Magician of the weezer message boards.
The Keys Magician called me a n00b. I'm so sad.
by Weezer_Child April 13, 2004
21 47
Online persona that can kick your ass
The Keys Magician punched the kid is his ugly face.
by ridd1 March 28, 2004
19 46
a real cool guy,sometime's can get anoyin but i forgive him
me=hi keys
keys=go away
keys=no dint mean it
by kyle January 22, 2004
21 50
Lock-up, jail, prison
I'm gonna go visit my homies in keys.
by Ghetto Smurf December 17, 2004
7 37
a well loved guy!
keys is cmin tnite! yay!!! :D
by franbo January 11, 2004
23 53
Freestyle rap.
"dont mess, when i spit, ill beat you down with my keys"
by Big AL April 05, 2004
3 36