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1) A 49 year old pedophile that hangs around a message board chatting to under age children, Whom he lures to his home by offering candy and sex.

2) Kewlmonk also means "fat fuck"

1) Is Kewlmonk talking to emily again?

2) Dude your such a Kewlmonk!
by Myke February 15, 2005
2 Words related to kewlmonk
A badass member of EF with many a followers.


Myke sux.

:kewlmonk: :cool:
by :cannon: April 06, 2005
a worthless piece of shit that enjoys jerking off whilst eating the remains of family members
dude, that guy is sucha kewlmonk
by spewgazi February 15, 2005
Worst. Member. Ever.
eclipse, Antone, brywonder, 8
by Opie February 14, 2005
greatest sept 04 entensity forums member
Kewlmonk is way hotter than Myke, damn hes hot!
by kewlmonk February 13, 2005
worst '04 member of entensity ever
damn nigga, that '04 be SUCKIN
by idestroy February 14, 2005

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