An asian form of an American that has a great sense of humor, a funny laugh, and a large, fat, long, hard, and hairy cheese stick.
I hope my son becomes a Kevin when he's all grown up.
by JololoC April 10, 2010
A kid who pops his pimples in the bathroom shooting the gooey contents of his infected pimple on the mirror and doesn't wipe it off. Likes leaving a nice splatter of pus, blood and dried sebum for everyone to see as a form of passive aggressive psychological warfare.
Kevin eats the bloody contents of his pimples and likes to leave popped pimple splatter on walls and mirrors. He's a faggot too.
by proactive pimple popper February 09, 2010
A guy whos kinda hard to understand. People judge him easily but hes the type who if you get to know, you'll easily love. He might be tan with brown hair and kinda tall. If you know a Kevin, you should talk to him.
Girl 1: Hey who's that?
Girl 2: That's kevin... hes a freak.
Girl 1: He seems pretty cool. I should get to know him.
by ladygaga4ev1249 January 06, 2010
Extremely kind, caring, loving man. Absolutley the sexiest thing that walks this planet! Sometimes can at first appear to be a little shy, although after sctratching at the surface you'l soon realise he doesn't shut up! If you encounter a kevin, grab with both hands and don't let go!!!!! a Kevin is without a doubt the best boyfriend/dad ect.. youl ever find. The only down side to a kevin is they usualy have an extemely ugly phycotic ex girlfriend, who when you see her, makes yo want to burn your eyes out. but the positives by far out weigh that one thing.
Bella: WOW! look at him Donna!!

Donna: Mmm.. Hes a right Kevin!

Bella: For sure, hes well buff..
by TrueLOVE..K&D.4ever.and.always February 04, 2010
Kevin Kevin is probably the greatest guy you can find in the whole world. He's caring, charming and he's always there for the peple that may need him. He's the type of guy that can make a heart beat faster in no time, that can cast a spell on you by the look in his lovely eyes.His smile is enough to make you believe you're talking to an angel, it makes you think you're in heaven. His smell is really magical, he can take every issue you may think of, away.It's the kind of guy every girl dreams of: attractive and caring, sweet and true; the kind of guy that's really hard to find.He's the prince on a horse, every girl deserve's to have a Kevin in her life! I'm so proud to have Kevin as my boyI'm glad that you're in my life, Kevin, i really am
I'm glad to be yours, Kevin
by sdfqsmdjfsdfq February 18, 2010
Noun: A girl that looks like a boy
You think I should ask Becky to the dance?
No way dude she's a kevin.
by TekJanson July 01, 2009
The most legendary name in the word, usually a 14 year old crack feind but all the ladies crave his cock, hes one of the best graffiti artists in the world also
wow that kevin guy is awesome, did you see him just slash that WOER guy
by craaasha June 27, 2009
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