a brave hearted guy that has his heart set to what he wants to achieve in life. He loves life deep inside even if at times it doesnt seem like it. He is not at all a whimp, and is a total hotty.
"Kevin is soo hot and strong"
by Alien-dude February 07, 2010
An extremely caring man with a heart and soul of gold. Protective and loyal to the core. Gun-obbsessed and a great friend. Warm, and huggable with just the right amount of squish. A kevin is brave and is not afriad to stand for his friends and beliefs. A kevin is hard to find, and are infact probably on the verge of extinction. However a kevin will prove to anyone that chivallry is not dead, just on the ground bleeding.
Nah dude, he's loyal to the core, deffinitly a kevin.
by Dreams_of_Elieen October 05, 2010
The guy you automatically fall in love with once you meet him. He's sweet, and gives great hugs. You want to kiss his lips everytime you see him. He's hot, and plays basketball or soccer. You might've went out once or twice. You try to get over him, but it never works. You tell yourself you're over him, even though you're not, and watch him fall for your friends, and your friends fall for him. But you know , someday, hopefully, you will get your chance with Kevin again.
girl 1: FML.

girl 2: why?

girl 1: kevin... :(

girl 2: or here we go again
by iloveyoukevin December 19, 2010
Kevin, is the greatest thing ever. Without a kevin in your life you don't know what real love means. I have fallen in love with him. His eyes are an amazing blue-green color, that are filled with love and magic everytime I look at them. His smile is amazing and when he holds and kisses you, you forget about everything except him. I love hearing his voice and when he makes little jokes about me or him. Having a Kevin in your life will make you the happiest person in the world. I will always love you Kevin.
Girl: wow I need a Kevin in my life!
by Your girl :) December 04, 2010
a panda
Kevin is a boy with a big head and fluffy hair
by QWERTYUIOP[]';LKJHGFDSA January 24, 2011
An asshole, he has a killer smile that takes your breath away. Extremely cute. He's a beast at sports. He always makes you laugh at his stupid jokes. He'll treat you like crap in front of others but treats you like a princess when you're alone. Also known as a playa playa. He'll make you fall head over heels for him and in the end he'll break your heart. Very jealous and controlling. Calls you every night and always trys to get your attention. He's very caring and hates to see you hurt. He loves his family more than anything and he'll defend you from other people who try to hurt you or treat you like crap. He's a great kisser and has comforting hugs. On the surface he's a complete jerk but once you get to know him, he's a beautiful person deep inside.
No matter what I will always love Kevin.
by Rogue. November 20, 2010
A physically attractive, selfish, self centered friend/occasional lover who loves tattoos, beer and great music. Positive outlook on life, keeps everything neat, clean and well organized, and only likes movies with interesting plots and listens to adam corrolla. Wakes up early, loves coffea and is good in bed but dislikes hyperactivity. ODD at times but a good companion to listen to…
That kevin is a good guy to have around
by lllittle girrrl February 06, 2008

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