Has a comfiest lap in the world!
"I just love sitting on kevin"
by onlyinyourdreamslol February 26, 2009
an amazing guy who is just an overall sweatheart. he can cheer you up when your feeling sad. He raises your selfesteem every change he gets. He is a best friend anyone can have.
You are such a kevin, I love it.
by Kevin's best friend February 18, 2010
short or under standerd

also the term used for long male genitalia
he sure has a long kevin

hes kinda kevin isnt he?
by thbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbt May 09, 2009
the greatest fucking kid u will ever see. he has a giant dick and is the coolest man alive. you want to be kevin. way cooler than any chuck.
girl1 - "kevin licked my pussy all night long"
girl2 - "he did the samething to me!!"
by magicxman5622 February 13, 2010
the person who wish u were
i am jealous of kevin
by 23 is awesome December 07, 2010
a typical badass, someone who is always right and really loves having a good time! in great shape and is loved by all of his friends.
"How does he do it? kevin is such a badass!"
by K-LAT February 08, 2010
Badass Brotha
Kevin is my badass brother I love him!!
by Sammie M September 15, 2010

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