(v) The act of catching up on all the posts since your last visit to a message board or a single thread. (aka ketching)

(n) The stuff you have to catch up on.
1)Ketchup complete. That took forever.

2) I was only gone for three hours and you guys left me with, like, fifty pages of ketchup.
by monkeyskunk April 02, 2006
Ohhhhhhh snap, did I get muh Ketchup on yoo shirt? Lemme get you a towel...
by KetchupQueen December 09, 2003
A girl with curves, usually very hot and or nice on the eyes.
A) Psst.. dude look at that ketchup to the right..

B) You know she broke up with you, pass the ketchup!
by haier2 April 14, 2007
ahhhhhhh...a food group.
Mom: Jimmy, would you like some french toast?
Jimmy: I'll eat it if it has ketchup on it!
by Lumpkin June 24, 2005
red stuff that you apply to those long weiners, also goes with korey...his last name
I put some ketchup on korey's long weiner and ate it for dinner while sitting with koty hines the ketchup
by hmMm....maegis June 15, 2004
Female menstruation; Blood.
"I hate the time of the month, I can never have sex because there's too much ketchup."
by Jmoo April 28, 2008
1) someone who is really mad

2) when someone's face turns red
1) "Josh is so freakin ketchup today. I wonder why?"

2) "Look at Caleb! He's ketchup!"
by Lilybobilly April 10, 2006

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