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i took this drug and it was goood as shit.
how it felt:
at first my heart starting beating real fast and i felt like the shit. i saw light. i got an out of body experience. i was on the bed and my bed started twirling and flying throughout the whole house.it was just fuckin incredible. i want to do it agin. when i was twirling i went through walls and went to india. when my trip ended, my was really gooofy. at first my image was really distorted and i couldn't think straight. it felt like i was being born. when it started clearing, my reflexes were really slow and i felt MAD GOOD. i started laughing. my one friend tried talking to me and all i said was -andy my friend and started cracking up really retarde. when he asked how i felt- i was like smooth as a cadfillac. seriosuly take this fuckin drug! you wont regrte it!
after taking ketamine i felt real good.
by mast sucks October 26, 2007
103 168
A, frankly, boring drug that you have to snort in enormous amounts to get into a k hole, but more often than not you'll sneeze after a couple of nostrils full and revert back to normal, feeling ripped off.

Besides, who the hell first thought that it would be a good idea to snort animal tranquilisers in the first place?!? There's a place for special k, and it's Battersea Dogs' Home.
I think we need to take Lassie to the vet.
I think we need to get monged at the vet.
I think we should let Lassie get monged at the vet.
by OD Smith March 10, 2005
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