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noun. A type of falcon belonging to the genus Falco that is distributed worldwide. It is a fierce bird of prey measuring nearly 9" inches long with an impressive wingspan of 21". This bird is widely believed to have the most ass-kicking power per gram of any bird known to man. It has been known to prey on creatures weighing many times more than its own body weight.
"Holy shit!! that kestrel just killed an ate that entire pack of wolves!! Man, kestrels are so badass."
by birdman May 08, 2004
Its a bird you dumb shit.
Kestrel pwnz u
by Kestrel June 08, 2003
An alternative street name for the drug, Ketamine (RS)-2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)- cyclohexan-1-one
Im just cooking up 15g of Kestrel
by JaKestrel March 08, 2010
#1 Act of being needy or the need to have problems worse than others, to alienate friends by constant complaining. also known as the Woe IS Me syndrome.
#2 A person who constantly complains.
oh he is getting all kestrel now and feeling sorry for himself.
by taxprokitty September 09, 2010
A green clover
Man, that Kestrel is bright green
by Boner Dragon June 06, 2003
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