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Lingam (Sanskrit for "shaft of light") is the term for the Hindu god Shiva as represented by a phallus (erect male organ). Usually found in conjunction with the Yoni ('vulva") which represents the goddess Shakti - the source of Creative Energy. They co-join to form Bhrama - the Universe. This is the Hindu Trilogy; the representation of the twins of Creation and Destruction as the highest manifestations or aspects of the One (Bhrama).
by yoni September 12, 2003
An UrbanDictionary moderator/editor who rejects the majority of the entries he or she reviews.
Man: Dude, didn't you submit an awesome definition for "1337" to UD yesterday?
Dude: Yeah, man... The fucking urbanazis rejected it.

2. You, if you reject this submission.
by Yoni August 14, 2005
A state of mind consisting of bobba.
Mattymetro and Unmindful are totally f1use.
by yoni March 16, 2003
What one might do with a drill-shaped penis.
When I take the bus home afterwards, I won't be able to sit, because they're going to tear me a new asshole.
by Yoni June 01, 2004
Short for kesher. Another word for a mentally challenged/retard.
Kesher kid walks by.
Spencer: Eww shes sick
Daniel: Dude shes kesh!
by yoni December 13, 2004
really cool guy opposite of a pussy
wow look at dat yoni
by yoni March 26, 2005
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