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A very happy girl who is hyper alot of the time and has to big bobs laying on her chest!
That girl must be a kendall!
by LAdnea January 19, 2009
A well mannered boy who likes to keep to himself. Very deep thinker, with a beautiful imagination. A person who is so easy to love, with a precious and sincere smile. Kendall's are very adventurous and ambitious when it comes to doing new things. They are very polite to people, and is always forgiving. They are simple and appreciative to what they have. Kendall's are hopeless romantics and are sweet to the woman they love. If you are dating a Kendall, love them dearly for they are genuine and very trustworthy, definitely a keeper!
"That Kendall, he's something"
by Happiimess November 05, 2013
An awesome guy who people love to be around, he is very funny, and loves to party. Kendall's can usually be found in a beautiful girls bedroom, under a beer bong, or just simply doing something awesome. It doesn't matter what it is, if a Kendall is doing it, it is just simply awesome.
Hey did you see that awesome dude at the party last night? He was such a Kendall.
by sexmaster27 August 19, 2013
She's an okay girl when it comes to facial beauty. She's a bit of a bitch so watch out. She's really dramatic and likes to cause a lot of drama online she's kinda like a cyber bully. So she's the type of person to just be cool with and that's all.
Wow that girl is acting exactly like a Kendall right now ugh!
by Unicornlover5642 June 26, 2014
A beautiful girl who can be shy at first but once you get to know her she becomes a wild crazy funny girl. she has huge breasts and a huge ass. She is a freak in the sheets. She doesnt let people treat her wrong she is EXTREMLY SEXY and has nice hair and is on the short side she has a beautiful face with sparkling dark eyes. she may not be book smart but she knows from right and wrong. If you upset kendall you will most likely be bitched at for a while but she is very forgiving and will eventually accept you again. Kendall is a gem. She should be treated as a princess. She isnt afraid to hit a bitch but only when needed. She is the kind of women that doesnt give a fuck about your opinion on her. She doesnt take anyones bullshit. She is an independent women and what every mans looking for. She is a sweet and sincere girl if you know how to treat her well.
The girl i met at the bar last night was a real kendall she had the biggest boobs

That girl kendall really knows how to please me shes a freak in the sheets
by Bobbybilly December 01, 2013
by sdjh;asdlrjf January 16, 2014
n. A rare type of man that thrives in the backwoods of America. Half redneck and half....weird, Kendall's are obssesed with cars, guns, and other mechanical devices. Kendall's are extremely right and are not ashamed of this.Kendall's take everything personally and are somwhat needy. If ever approached by one, use caution- they're about as random as humanly possible.
Person 1: "Holy Crap! There's a machine gun in the back of this pick-up!"

Person 2: "I wouldn't worry about it, the owner is probably a Kendall"
by solid draino July 07, 2009