Cool, collective guy that is loving and caring and will help when needed. Also emotional, but strong and smart.
"Man Kendall is always nice."
by Max77123 December 01, 2013
A girl who means a lot to me. A very gorgeous girl with a sweet heart. The best mannered girl I've ever met. Every time I see her my heart skips a beat and I have trouble breathing. She does anything and everything to make me happy l, but she doesn't need to. All she needs to do to make me happy is say, "Hey." and she's got me in the palm of her hand. She's my everything and always will be. I Love You Kendall Nichole Davis<3 you're the best girlfriend ever!¡!¡!¡ =]
Boy 1- That girl is gorgeous, she must be a Kendall!
Boy 2- yeah Dillon sure is lucky, he's got a Kendall. :(
by Dillon Moore August 22, 2011
Probably one of the best that's ever lived. Has a tendency to get buckets on a continual basis and be among the smartest of their peers. Also, a Kendall could be clumsy, but manages to be smooth in EVERY situation.
1. Did you see Kendall play last night? Man, that boy is cold..

2. Who, Kendall? Yeah he is nice, isn't he?

3. Q: Why don't you play against Kendall?

A: Naw. He's too mean.

4. I heard Kendall had an 8.0 GPA? Yeah. He just did everything twice as nice.
by NoSiree June 10, 2011
Usually very smart and tall. Has a good fashion sense and knows what looks good with what. A good artist, and is obsessed with a lot of things. Bold and brave and is loyal to friends. Also, usually does a sport that requires aggression such as karate,soccer,or football. Plus, a Kendall is very awesome.
Woah! Did you see that girl climb the mountain? She must be a Kendall!
by DaFineFangirl June 04, 2014
I light skin nigga with long dick. Tall & skinny. Smart ass mouth & LOVES females with big asses. Got a sensitive side. . Not like Drake tho✋😂. Loves his shoes & clothes. Once pissed on the side of his friends house cause the nigga wouldn't let him use his bathroom😒bitch ass nigga.
. . . Iont have an example😐 they say I gotta have "Kendall" in it.
by Derrick rose nigga October 09, 2013
A well mannered boy who likes to keep to himself. Very deep thinker, with a beautiful imagination. A person who is so easy to love, with a precious and sincere smile. Kendall's are very adventurous and ambitious when it comes to doing new things. They are very polite to people, and is always forgiving. They are simple and appreciative to what they have. Kendall's are hopeless romantics and are sweet to the woman they love. If you are dating a Kendall, love them dearly for they are genuine and very trustworthy, definitely a keeper!
"That Kendall, he's something"
by Happiimess November 05, 2013
an amazing person that Ian can't ever have.
fuck you, Ian from Kendall
by kendallsucker May 24, 2013
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