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It's a fat chick who smells like fish and Taco Bell. You have to grease the doors to prevent her from injury if an ice cream truck drives by.
"That bitch Kendall may be fat and ugly, but she does suck a mean dick."
by HolyToiletWater July 16, 2012
a miser, not willing to share
Wow, she is such a kendall
by cal1997 March 14, 2011
A bitch who is a attention whore. She is a major slut and needs some friends. Everyone should hate her. SHE IS A BACKSTABBER
syd: Ew that girl is gross, she is such a kendall
by fivhadpfuivhnd November 02, 2011
A boring, bland and monotonous suburb of southwest Miami, notorious for awful traffic, street racing and cookie cutter homes. Kendall is populated by chongas and chongos with pea-sized brains who drive Honda Civics to and from their gated communities, continually referring to one another as "bro".
Kendall is the most boring place on earth, BRO!
by JohnLongson July 05, 2010
A boy who thinks that he is "the shit" and thinks he has the "best swag ever". Want's to be respected, can't get shit from girls. wishes he was the best at everything but he is a fail at everything and anything. Way too self involved, and probably spends up to 2 hours everday looking in the mirror telling himself how awesome he is.
Hot girl #1-eww john asked me out today

Hot girl #2- EW WTF! He's such a fucking kendall!
by awesomlyawesomerthanawesome. February 24, 2010
a kendall is a girl that attracts faggits like mike myers and dylan settle and other little faggits but her boyfriend is usually the coolest guy in scool and has a fat overly big cock
ddaaayyuuummmm i'm a faggit i like kendall
by Sketchy $. Baby July 10, 2010
1. oftentimes, a short little white girl who is, on the inside, a super-ghetto bitch who will usually whup your ass if you a. spell her name wrong, or b. refuse to feed the bottomless pit that is her stomach. Kendall usually comes equipped with a 'weeeeave', finger snaps of the z-formation, and/or baby phat booty shorts that emphasize on her muffin top and camel toe. Legend has it that kendalls use their various stomach rolls for storage of food.
"I heard Kendall once shanked a dude for spelling her name with an L"

"that girl totally kendalled me just now cuz I wouldn't give up my donut"

"that crackwhore ate my puppy and got in a bitch fight with my cousin...how much do you wanna bet her name's kendall?"
by !@#$%^&*()_asdfghjkl; September 09, 2009