a kendall is a girl that attracts faggits like mike myers and dylan settle and other little faggits but her boyfriend is usually the coolest guy in scool and has a fat overly big cock
ddaaayyuuummmm i'm a faggit i like kendall
by Sketchy $. Baby July 10, 2010
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A girl that acts like a blonde or is. She can get super hyper that her friends are usually scared. She is EXTREMELY pretty and older guys want to go out with her.

These girls usually like guys that names start with the letter "t."
She is such a kendall. All the older guys like that pretty bitch

That girl is such a kendall..liking taylor, trey, and tommy
by pshh..jessica May 04, 2008
An extremely beautiful girl who has a gorgeous face and pretty hair. she's usually very popular and girly.
that girls so hot, she must be a Kendall!
by jomama1112445 May 17, 2008
a kind person, pretty crazy and random but an awesome friend. tall and beautiful, and guys like her even if she thinks they dont. shes one of a kind!
Oh my gosh, Kendall looks so good today!
by Tammy.is.awesome January 24, 2009
A Kendall is someone who is very fun to be around and will randomly blurt out words when it is too quiet. If you attempt to talk to a Kendall, be very careful. She has strange opinions and isnt afraid to speak them. A Kendall does not like people who are boring. If you are boring when a Kendall is around, she will scream douschebag at you until you leave or are fun
Did you see that girl the other day? She was such a Kendall.

That girl is funny, is she a Kendall?
by kendallkid January 03, 2009
The coolest girl ever. Super pretty/hot/beautiful and just all-around awesome. A Kendall is a great friend and tons of guys want her. A Kendall always does extremely epic things that do not seem to go with her girly nature, but just make her even cooler.

Also, the truly correct spelling of the name Kendall (Kendal, Kendel, Kendell are incorrect).
Dude, did you see that girl? She was so hot and awesome that her name must be Kendall.
by definer007 March 15, 2010
a beautiful girl that is a great friend. she usually has a great personality. also, she always seems to find ways to make a bad situation good. they tend to be blondes!
That girl over there is no doubt a kendall!
by cutie1234 April 11, 2009
A kendell is someone who is initially a bag of happy, and if popped will create a supersonic explosion that will send shockwaves for at least a 60 mile radius. A happy bag of such a magnitude can power Finland for 36 minutes.

Many Kendells develope strange obsessions for drug-addicted men. Never take a Kendell's supply of coffee, or you will suffer the divine consequences.
I heard that Kendall just went to get a panty shot and ended up watching the girl shower.
by Horoscopejunkie April 19, 2008

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