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modern day surfing legend probobly originating from the island of oahu.
o my god that guy is so good at surfing. he surfs almost as good as kekoa!
by jmmj April 28, 2009
the warrior of the gods
kekoa is really brave
by kiskandar September 23, 2013
Teh koOkie monsther wif tew teef. (s)he is teh phattest, oogliest and chodiest phag yew will ewer c.
Kekoa is the hottest guy around. He has 900 teeth and loves to eat making him the fattest guy around. Besides eating he loves being a fag. He is so much of a fag that he has so many friends. He has his man boobs, enormous butt and seems like all his fat is in his pretty face. He is so smart but dosn't have a brain in either head. One day, he will get a girlfriend, and i feel sorry for that girl.
by Aawin Chwin January 12, 2010