Not being fake or influenced. Being true to yourself and your values, but more importantly, being true to innate values that all people acknowledge as respectable. Not frontin, or inhibiting yourself or pretending to be something your not; but also not following dominant values that should not be acceptable.

Honesty, doing the right thing, genuineness, fairness and reasonability are generally aspects of keeping it real. Gandhi kept it real because even though his acts were controversial or illegal, they were never harmful and society now knows he was doing the right thing.

Also used in a more jocular way to explain an individual's behavior that they may have thought was the right thing to do out of stubbornness or disregard for others, but it wasn't really keeping it real because the social concensus is that it is not.
- Matt respects everybody, he is genuinely nice to friends and strangers and does not seek out conflict with people or put them down. He is keeping it real.

- Joe stands up against bullies at his school and defends kids who are getting made fun of, even though he is quite popular and doesn't hang out with those kids. He is keeping it real.

- Ashley skipped Friday night partying with her friends to stay at home and watch movies with her sister who just broke up with a boyfriend. Ashley is keeping it real.

- Josh just isn't a very smart person, but he puts effort into doing the best he can. He is keeping it real.

Alternative example:

Latoya: Tanisha why did you call me out for buying my shoes at Walmart in front of everybody.
Tanisha: I'm just keeping it real, why does it matter where you buy your shoes?
Latoya: Girl you are not keeping it real, I know it doesn't matter where I buy my shoes but people still might make fun of me for it. It's really just none of their business.
by Laqueshus June 05, 2009
Something that people claim to do when they supposedly want to speak their mind. Used often on the Internet by people who are about as quiet as a church mouse in real life.

Now, on the other hand, there are people who thinking that keeping it real is synonymous with being an asshole or bitch. They say that most people can't handle such realness, and usually get offended when you "keep it real" by calling them such. All in all, most people just don't wanna deal with such childishness, contrary to what they tell you.
1. You talk trash to me in the chat, and I'll put a virus on your ass! I'm just keeping it real! r0xx0rs! w00t! l33t!11! Cyber-thuggin' baby!!1

2. You're not on my level. I'm just keeping it real.
-No, you're being a bitch. Now I'M keeping it real!
by The Producer June 03, 2007
The act of revealing your true or "unprofessional" self in any arena of your everyday life when feeling angered, oppressed, mistreated etc..
Edward has been keeping it real at work ever since the Manager tried to insult him.
by SouthParkChef July 22, 2008
keeping it real- blowing things way out of proportion useually ending in somebody getting a stomping
wow that mascot is keeping it real
by ryan kowalko September 23, 2005
A manufactured street code for continued white supremacy. As used in common speech, could also be phrased, "keeping it submissive" or "keeping politically, socially, and economically irrelevant."
African-Americans (especially men) who have evolved into greatness through traditional paths are invalidated as they have not "kept it real." The term's definition relegates and caps many potential great African Americans through peer-pressure, advertising, greater social misunderstanding, and ambiguous racial identity.
The phrase is harmful in that it not only damages the collective psyche of a large portion of the American populace, it also limits (in all facets) the unlimited potential that this group could have upon the country.
"Thurgood Marshall, Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, Booker T. Washington, (Sports Analyst) James Brown, and Condoleeza Rice are not keeping it real."

"50 Cent and Michael Vick are keeping it real."
by Adam S. Chin August 23, 2007
Real is an abbreviation of Retaliating for Every Attack Line. Therefore, "keeping it real" is a defense mechanism used to sustain one's pride and self-interests against motherfuckers and bitches whose key intentions are to humiliate you and attempt to eliminate the much needed respect from your peers. To be real means to follow your heart, never giving a fuck about what your enemies try to do to break you, and always keeping a steady eye on your goals as well as the loved ones you set out to protect.
Keeping it real is the way of the soldier, one who always keeps his head up and his eyes on the prize.
by T Hizzle April 08, 2005
it's all about racial authenticity
Wonder what Clarence Thomas does about keeping it real? That'd be pretty funny.......Yo.
by Mandingoh November 20, 2005
The act of living in the real world. This consists of avoiding prolonged television and computer use. Usually one who keeps it real spends alot of time outside or under the influence of mind expanding drugs.
I decided to start keeping it real by deleting my MySpace.
by MattRabbit April 02, 2006
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