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somebody who is "dirty" or "greasy". This word comes from the dundas area.
Elizabeth:that guy needs to take a shower, he is such a keeler.. eww!
by brittybabe April 05, 2007
A really, really cute guy.
Damn that Keeler boy sure is easy on the eyes.
by g f b February 27, 2008
A person whom has a special charisma relating to the procurement of members of the opposite sex.
Those boys are keelers. They sure get all the girls.
by Rocky Arbitore September 03, 2005
the act of overpulling while addicted to pain killers
we wiped because of a "keeler" pull.
by the doodle September 07, 2005
\Keel"er\, n. See 3d Keel. 1. One employed in managing a Newcastle keel;

2. A small or shallow tub; esp., one used for holding materials for calking ships, or one used for washing dishes, etc.

3. An individual of unsavory character; usually includes the following: pathological dishonesty, malice, disregard for the welfare of others, inability to maintain long-term relationships, psychological dysfunction in relation to environment and self (i.e. poor hygine).
The dirty family with scattered car parts on their lawn are such Keelers.
by Jim Fenher April 16, 2007
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