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A special sort of meal, which is made of minced meat and spices and is very similar to the meatball, but has a different shape. Another difference between those is that the meat for meatballs has onions in it, which is not true for the kebapche. It looks like a finger, but is usually longer and thicker. It is always grilled, unlike meatballs which can be also fried. Bulgarians usually consume it with "shopska" sallad or french fries.
I like eating kebapcheta.
by Margaritka May 04, 2006
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minced-meat-and-spices long roll, usually grilled or fried
I would like a kebapche, please
by magdalena ivanova May 26, 2006
Is a Bulgarian food.With this bulgarian man fuck their women.
blow-job, fuck in the anal, fuck and kill.
by alehandro April 08, 2005

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