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the most fucking awesome instrument on the planet!!!!!
He played a symphony about llamas on hi kazoo.
by Brooke February 28, 2005
1) A call or bird sound used to alert the dopeboys of the po po's imminent arrival.
2) A rallying call for all Italians across the world
3) A greeting used in certain parts of New York City
4) An individual in new york with both a similar name and likeness to the kazoo bird, also therefore, goes by the name "bird" and "gay bird, as well as "cossu"
"Kazoo, Kazoo"

"Oh yea, the Po Po is coming"

by Young Kuss the Don August 03, 2007
During anal sex, the receiver farts onto the giver's condom-wrapped penis, making a sound similar to that of a kazoo.
Guy 1: Dude, I was banging this chick in the butt and she totally kazooed on my wang.

Guy 2: Can you stop talking about girls when I am having sex with you?
by Derrek Longass December 09, 2011
to quote oneself ad nauseum, i.e. drafting up a complete speech on an internet blog and subsequently reciting it (often verbatim) to people who would have read the blog if they were so inclined. people who tend to kazoo are often grossly egotistical, and treat their lives like the overly rehearsed and performed routine of a waning stand up comedian. their delivery of the speech (which they have committed to memory or written down) is often bland and monotonous, suggesting perhaps that the kazooer himself has become bored of the subject matter, but lacks anything genuinely interesting with which to make conversation.
comedian: so what's the deal with hair metal?
audience: you went off on this tangent at your last show.
comedian: bitches, y'all got kazooed!
by Brendon Vox December 14, 2005
A musical instrument that, when played, magically brings taunting, ridicule, verbal, and, in some cases, physical assault to the person playing it. The word "Kazoo" can also be used as another name for a tool, or person held in low regard.
"Spencer, please don't go into town with that kazoo of yours again - you know what happened the last time."
But Spencer heeded not his mother's warning - hapless kazoo that he was - and, with a sickening chortle, ziplocked the musical instrument inside his baby blue fanny-pack anyway.
by ASJarrell August 19, 2007
to kazoo is to attempt to have exactly the same conversation with multiple people, often simultaneously. this can easily be done using cut and paste in an instant messenger program, but can also be done verbally. although the conversations are initiated identically, they have the potential to vary tremendously and follow completely different directions.
Scott: look what Chris just said: "i am an angiosperm"
Brendan: omg, he said exactly the same thing to me!
Scott: we have been kazooed!
by Brendon Vox December 14, 2005
Kazoo is a verb that represents the noise of what an erection sounds like. Your penis can only kazoo when it's in the motion of being erected, but when it has become erected, it no longer makes the noise of kazoo. Originated in /b/ of 4chan.
The sentence of the birth of kazoo: "fucking bump. anyone have any vids they could rapidshit. this bitch makes my dick go kazoo"
by AnonAnonAnon May 18, 2007
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