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kaykay a beautiful female who is gorgeous and crazzi usualy a nickname for kayla or kayleen

also see dinner whore
hey kaykay wats crackin?
by blndclts November 11, 2007
kay kay is what a little kid may call their elder when shortening names like katelyn, kristen, kathleen, etc.
little brother: " i love you kay kay"
me: " i love you too baby"

by KatelynnnnM January 26, 2009
Another way of saying 'Kk'. Which is another weird way of saying 'Ok' or 'Okay'.
Person 1: How are you today?
Person 2: Kaykay
by Directioner05 December 28, 2013
A cute girl that gets all the men.known for her intelligence and dancing.she is a beautiful girl she attracts lot.she is considerate,nice,and honest.she's known for telling her thoughts how it is and being real.Khaela is known to be a freak in bed.Khaela is also known to sexually tease and put you to the test.She nice inside and out and is willing to help anyone in need.Khaela is funny and hilarious. She's also a good dancer wealthy to move her body at anytime needed.Khaela are also usually know to have a big. Ass because it fits there personality.
Look at that khaela she's nice. Khaela is my girl. Khaela is my bad
by zadhi January 02, 2014
A bitch who acts HYPE which is usually a whore and acts older than her age
She acts like such a Kay Kay.
by Insanely pretty December 29, 2015
A slang word for the state of Kansas used by people who have visited Kansas and are attempting to make it sound much cooler than the hick infested, hot as Satan's balls rual piece of turd that it actaully is
( One Californian to another)
Cali 1: Yeah imma go to Kaykay this summer to visit my fambam
Cali 2: That sounds cool I bet you have fun.
Cali 1: Not really all I'm doing is going to a town of 500 and visiting a nursing home that smells like death and piss. I have a 1/5 chance of doing things that i couldn't do in California.
by ilovetospoonthepoon June 13, 2011
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