a complete maska lord.
he's a talented fart. knows it. tries to act modest .
fails . and enjoys it.
sometimes known to have a pedophilic attraction with hands.(sicko). sux at spellings. weirdly enough a good friend. (give him 3 secs he'll strt wid the modesty)
........... see .....b!@TC#.
stage announcement:"....and the best outgoing student is....(pause)..a complete kaustubh.....thats right its kaustubh!!"
kaustubh:"...ehhh i dont deserve it da."
me...and others:"b!@TC#. ".
by me....(evil grin) January 27, 2008
Top Definition
(Adj) Someone(male) who is awesome and cool
That dude is kaustubh man!

He is kaustubh!
by blahblahblah123986 February 04, 2010
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