When that bitch from high school gains 50 pounds in college.
"Karma takes many forms, the most satisfying: weight gain."

by rou jagger January 20, 2010
George Bush is our Karma for NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!
"Hey, Archie---did you vote for George Bush in the last election?"

"Who, ME?!?!? Naw...I NEVER vote...I'm too busy watching 'Real World', downloading porn, wasting my trust-fund and whining about nothing to vote."

"Well, I guess the fact that George Bush has had TWO TERMS in office is your KARMA for being an apathetic little ass-monkey! And by the way: fuck you very much, Archie!"
by poppysister August 23, 2006
The law of cause and effect. From good living, we become a better person, gain greater inner peace and enjoy a good life. From bad living, we become a worse person, destroy our inner peace, and get plagued by a bad life. Simple as that.
He had so many heart problems, I began to wonder if he was cruel to someone in his previous life, and was now reaping his karma!

She was beautiful even in her old age, so I knew she must have led a good life, and was now getting her good karma.

I began to see that there was selfishness and fear within all my actions and attitudes, so I firmly resolved to make love and compassion the central factor in my life, so I would develop better karma.
by peridos June 19, 2010
when something that you have done, does to you back.
For example, if you do something good, something good will happen to you back. if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you. Karma can be dangerous sometimes.
by Poopname July 01, 2009
is a bitch.
*Guy spills grape juice on his white T-Shirt*
Asshole: HAHAHAHA, nice going nerd!
*Asshole drinks some chocolate milk and spills it on his $200 jersey*
by WaiSoSerious January 18, 2010
The concept (invented originally as more of a self-improving guideline than how it's portrayed now as a supernatural force) that positive actions see good results, and bad results come from negative actions. It is a principle of Buddhism and was created (as all principles were) for purpose of influentially commercializing the author's opinion.

Its creation's need was seen, by the philosopher, to reduce vengeance taken out upon truly deserving people, in the fear that the punisher would otherwise be remorseless. This way, the would-be grudging individual would refrain from his/her actions, with the idea that the negative person would get "what they deserve" in the long run anyhow.
Frank Castle: "I think I'll pass on my desired revenge upon my family's murderers, Karma will affect them eventually."
by Markus Parker February 13, 2008
the score on gamefaqs.com your username gets. you earn 1 karma for each day your account is active. higher karma amounts allow you to post more messages per day, have access to more social boards, bragging rights, etc... You lose karma when one of your messages gets moderated, the amount lost per message depends on the severity of the violation and how much of an d-bag the moderator is.
that asshole mod gave me a 3 karma loss for my topic!!!
by MI6007 April 21, 2007
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