an Italian long drink popular in Florence... one part Chianti, one part Coca Cola.
Bartender, i'll have a karla on the rocks.
by the blob August 14, 2003
Embarrassing friend you don't want to have over for dinner. May break plates when laughing at a good joke, and may bring up something rather kinky which could be disgusting to other dinner guests.
Person 1: Did you see that Karla at the party last night?
Person 2: Yeah, she kept laughing and breaking plates.
Person 1: And she did mention quite a few kinky things.
by Corb-On-The-Cob March 20, 2013
The biggest dumb-ass snitch the world has to offer.
Hey look its Karla!
Shoot her in the head, Please!
by TheNinjaCrab June 27, 2012
a.k.a sasuke no miko,desert star,dagger,
a great friend of mine
karla hates that annoying rizzi.
by Hao Asakura November 06, 2003
Whore, whore, whore...loud. Doesn't have any friends... besides whores. Obviously doesn't take a shower because of her greasy hair. Annoying. And her boobs are probably about to explode any day!!!!
You get the point.

She is everything everyone doesn't wanna be.

She is a fucking whore period.
Me: Karla whens the last time you took a shower? Your hair is really greasy!

Karla: Uh....Uh.....Uh.....................Last week?
Me: Thats gross. What did you do today?
Karla: Went to my boyfriends so we could fuck
Me: Thats even grosser.

Karla: I know(: because im a whore.
by Juliaisthebest November 24, 2010
usually has a face of an animal; for Karla/Carla. Thinks they're hot. Drug addict most of the time, and hides from confrontation but somehow causes it. Back stabber; envious; can't keep a realationship without messing it up somehow.
oh my gosh your being such a "karla."
by mayer of idaho June 13, 2010
A Karla's face often resembles that of a Donkey! Not very good in bed , and certainly not a very giving lover!!!! But even in spite of those two known factors they usually make ok friends.. But dont count on a karla when you are in a jam!
Hey Karla... Why did he call u ugly????

(karla answers) Hehaw hehaw hehawalways calls me that!
by 1or2hunglow March 29, 2011

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