A small, big boobed Mexican!!Even though they are Mexican, they cant cook worth a shit, but they enjoy trying. They enjoy sleeping, monkeys, tennis, chic flicks, and talking on the phone with their boyfriend/friends! Sometimes she gets lazy, but when she's awake she's very loud and loveable and corney! Karla's are beautiful wonderful women who make awesome friends and have incredibly white smiles. Get to know your Karla because she will have her own place before you do!!
Ian:"Dude, who's that little mexican with the amazing smile and giant boobs?"
Samantha:"Uhh thats my bestfriend Karla!"
Ian:"Can you give me her number?"
Samantha:"Yea sure, she loves talking on the phone"
by xftyujdty December 22, 2011
an Italian long drink popular in Florence... one part Chianti, one part Coca Cola.
Bartender, i'll have a karla on the rocks.
by the blob August 14, 2003
Embarrassing friend you don't want to have over for dinner. May break plates when laughing at a good joke, and may bring up something rather kinky which could be disgusting to other dinner guests.
Person 1: Did you see that Karla at the party last night?
Person 2: Yeah, she kept laughing and breaking plates.
Person 1: And she did mention quite a few kinky things.
by Corb-On-The-Cob March 20, 2013
a.k.a sasuke no miko,desert star,dagger,
a great friend of mine
karla hates that annoying rizzi.
by Hao Asakura November 06, 2003
The biggest dumb-ass snitch the world has to offer.
Hey look its Karla!
Shoot her in the head, Please!
by TheNinjaCrab June 27, 2012
A girl who is not J.J.S.'s type because she is female.
Karla wanted J.J.S. but he only likes penis.
by X-ecutioner October 27, 2003
A Karla's face often resembles that of a Donkey! Not very good in bed , and certainly not a very giving lover!!!! But even in spite of those two known factors they usually make ok friends.. But dont count on a karla when you are in a jam!
Hey Karla... Why did he call u ugly????

(karla answers) Hehaw hehaw hehawalways calls me that!
by 1or2hunglow March 29, 2011
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