also KHARLA/CARLA; a beautiful, sexy woman; she's witty, smart, she has the triple "B" factor - BRAIN, BODY, & BEAUTY; she's outgoing, generous, but can be stubborn sometimes. she's a true love.
that karla's a jackpot!
by sarcasticlaugh October 26, 2011
A crazy girl. Who often spazzes randomly. She is a great friend. Pure hearted. She is always there for you when you need her. She believes in unicorns and has two adopted sons named Pedro and August who are from Jamaica that are drawn on pieces of paper. She loves Elmo. She is nice to everyone that comes her way.
Karla: OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!

Alexandra: What???
Karla: OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!
Alexandra: You are such a spazz... What do you want...
Karla: ....Hi :D Guess what!?
Alexandra: What??????????????
Karla: Unicorns will rule the world and eat off of your face causing you to have wrinkles!
by Ilusheeyou! June 09, 2010
Karla is an amazing girl. She's kind, caring, open-minded, intelligent, principled, and of course sexy. She's the hottest piece of ass and tits you'll ever find. She's the most ridiculous person you'll ever meet (in a funny way). She's not afraid to make herself look stupid in public, because that's just how she is. When you meet a Karla don't play around with her because she does not appreciate fake people. Karla is also very humble and down-to-earth.
Friend: Hey Karla you're awesome
Karla: thanks so are you darling.
by the-shamazing-shaniqua January 27, 2013
A bad bitch.
See that girl over there dropping it like the rents due tomorrow? Shes definitely a Karla.
by Pitofina Gaviota February 06, 2013
A great friend, sweet and innocent. In their innocence Karla's are prone to make corny jokes, speak about the "bubbles" in their tummy, burp loudly, and to have bad hygiene. It is typical for Karla's to go days without bathing, but is nevertheless loved and accepted by those around her. Karla's can also be earth child's, loving the outdoors and little children.
Karla: "How do you wake up Lady GaGa?"
Karla's friend: Uhhh how?
Karla: "You poke her face! "HA HA HA HA HA
Karla's friend: Oh...funny
by Norie Lickie February 06, 2010
A girl who works her body like the rent is due tomorrow every day
Look at that Karla saving up those grains of sand in vain.

OMG! That girl standing on the corner of the auto shop is SUCH a Karla.
by daVIDAroxxx October 04, 2010
A small, big boobed Mexican!!Even though they are Mexican, they cant cook worth a shit, but they enjoy trying. They enjoy sleeping, monkeys, tennis, chic flicks, and talking on the phone with their boyfriend/friends! Sometimes she gets lazy, but when she's awake she's very loud and loveable and corney! Karla's are beautiful wonderful women who make awesome friends and have incredibly white smiles. Get to know your Karla because she will have her own place before you do!!
Ian:"Dude, who's that little mexican with the amazing smile and giant boobs?"
Samantha:"Uhh thats my bestfriend Karla!"
Ian:"Can you give me her number?"
Samantha:"Yea sure, she loves talking on the phone"
by xftyujdty December 22, 2011

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