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In Nazi concentration camps, a Jew who helped the Nazis. In street usage, someone who has abandoned his peeps to help the man.
"DJ wasn't in trouble until some kapo told the pigs he knew where the stuff was."
by S.M.Icarus October 05, 2005
the muther-fuckin MAn
the captain. the leader
that guy
hey you must be the kapo of the group!
by D-money28 March 03, 2009
1. Kapo is a word thats added to any given sentence, or replaces any word in a sentence. Use "kapo" when you are unclear about a topic, don't know what you talking about, or just trying to annoy somebody.

2. A person can also be called "kapo" A kapo usually has these traits: extremely funny, crazy, odd in nature, weird at times, angry, has a short temper, often gets called to the attendance office, is very jewish, supports the Turkish government for European relief efforts, and finally is a huge supporter of legalizing methane-fetamine and horse tranquilizers (ketamine)
You're such a kapo.
by K@P0 June 15, 2011
a handsome graphic designer
Kapo is a great designer
by reedism February 04, 2010
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