1: Moderator and General in the eBaum army

2: A quick witted Asian bugger who delights in Banning people
1: Kane TOOK POSSESSION of your ass

2: See example 1
by EvaMonkey August 22, 2004
Top Definition
1. the ancient asian practice of slapping farm animals with ones small asian penis.

2. A caner like desise of the the left index finger.
1. if you want those animals to respect you you all gonna have to do a little kanism.

2. The once great mod had a sever case of kanism and died.
by satin September 06, 2003
A nigga keeping safe from the 5-0 at all costs. Also, a sexual predetor who constantly seeks to ravage S10k's asshole.
Shit! There's a motha-fuckin Kanism on my tail!
by S10k November 24, 2004
Banned me mother fucker

Kickassman :D

I got banned and it made me tie my shoelace
by kickassman September 03, 2004
1. To mess up, to throw a temper trantrum.

2. The state of having a sore anus the next morning.
1. Damn I fucking pulled a kanism at the wedding what with the streaking and all. Im gonna go throw a kanism.

2. Don't ever let anyone get you into a sleep hold, because the next day you'll have a kansim.
by Deltron September 01, 2004
see definition for the word combover
Old dudes and the certain crazy asian have these
by Dama rei August 21, 2004
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