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4 definitions by deadpool

a corrupt moderator at ebaumsworld.com

kanism is an assmuncher
by deadpool July 22, 2003
A person of mixed racial heritage such as native american and european amercian but tends to heavily favor the latter in appearance, particularly has brighter features like blonde or golden brown hair.
Some would argue that not only does this race, which very white in appearance, surpass the native american but the european as well in aesthetic quality.
Me. I'm a golden mestizo due to my goldenish brown hair and ocean blue eyes. The world envies me.
by Deadpool December 30, 2004
1. When someone says something incredibly stupid.

2. Saying something incredibly dumb.

3. Degrading yourself by stating something obviously dumb.
"Man, don't be Jaelen."

"I met this one girl, she claimed she was smart but by what she said, i could tell she was jaelen."
by Deadpool May 25, 2003
growth of eyebrows such that it creates one long brow instead of two, seen often in cavemen and idiots.
look at that kid Lorenzo, he has a unibrow.
by Deadpool April 12, 2003