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A noun or adjective used to describe really hot chick.
Did you see that girl, she a real Kalin.
by Samuel April 12, 2005
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the most beautiful, stunning, amazing, caring, loving, smart, red-headed, beautiful girl ever to walk the earth.
Kalin Dingess is an amazingly beautiful red-head,the prettiest girl on earth.
by taykelly September 08, 2008
big-headed pretty girl that you can't help but love
tee-hee. kalin, i loves me some you.
by TFC1 July 10, 2008
Used to describe very queer behaving people that couldn't get it in even if there was only one girl left in the world, also relates to a male with a very small penis and is always watching gay porn and faps to it and fantasizes about little boys in a bunkbed. Likes to use dildos to practice oral sex which occasionally is done with priests and tall black men.
Kalin is such a homo.
by justarandompersonn February 02, 2013
the act of not calling someone after a third or fourth date, even after you act interested the entire time. However, this is not a big deal because the other person acted interested as well but doesn't want you to call anyway.
Yeah I went out with him a few times, he put the moves on me and I went with it. He pulled a kalin and I'm totally OK with never seeing him again. Meh.
by msjacksonfiver July 13, 2010
(Slovenian slang) A not very smart member of the male species. Usually hairy all over his body.
1. He was such a Kalin. He couldn't spell, read or write.
2. Now that's a hairy bastard. He looks just like Kalin.
by Jernej September 27, 2009
a big butt slut, steals everyone's boyfriends. she is a complete home wrecker.
girl: i love my boyfriend
girl 2: well keep him away from Kalin
girl: why?
girl 2: she's gonna steal him from you
by scc boy October 12, 2009

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