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i went doodoo in the toilet
by Samuel July 22, 2003
Brand New In Box. Often used in auctions and sales, particularly online.
Auction title: "Adidas Superstars. Mens size 111US BNIB"
by Samuel March 14, 2005
Russian vernacular for penis, i.e., "prick" or "dick" or "cock." One of the most widely-used words in Russian. Sometimes transliterated "khui."
The similarity of the Americanism "hooey" (as in "that's a lot of hooey") brings a smile to the Russian who hears it for the first time.
Vot tebe khuy! (there's a real prick for you)
by samuel November 11, 2003
Chicken! AKA Sony-Girl xxx
A real happening girl.
Bubbly, lively, great fun and a fab mate
and a real tweety-pie xx
She's just soooo funny, and always there for a chat & a giggle
by samuel February 20, 2004
A noun or adjective used to describe really hot chick.
Did you see that girl, she a real Kalin.
by Samuel April 12, 2005
the way to type flipping somebady off.
Skaterpunk83210312: Hey, what's up
Demonboy8483: _|_
by Samuel April 07, 2004
Quite possibly a future president of the United States of America. Brilliant businessman and retired 4 star general. Too bad he couldn't be president this time around. If Kerry wins this year Clark will probably run in 2012.
Wesley Clark for President in 2012!
by Samuel March 17, 2004

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