douche bag, mono spreading whore who tends to change his mind frequently.
Sorry I've been an ass, I've just felt like a real Kaleb today...
by bro ho rent boy September 27, 2012
A dumb bitch.
Kaleb is a dumb bitch.
by youknow55 July 29, 2011
The most fagish person you will meet. If i could chose between fucking a dog or look at him i would kill him. Kaleb, also known as a transvestite. A guy who enjoys girls with penises, preferably from a cartoon.
kaleb is gay
by gabe9689 May 29, 2011
a guy who enjoys to take advantage of innocent girls. also known as a sex offender. does not understand the concept of the word NO.cant get girls because his dick is too small. so must rape.
"i cant get any action... maybe ill try to have sex with tracy !"

"dude, stop being a kaleb ! "
by eugine the sex machin3 August 01, 2009
the barb on the end of a fishing hook
It's not the hook that hurts, it's that fucking kaleb.
by Lamont Hepburn June 30, 2005
A Fat Fuck who enjoys eating gluttonous amounts of Boloney and Ketchup.
Kaleb is a Fat Fuck who likes to eat constantly.
by Thad December 02, 2004
A queer gap student who sleezes up to male pupils
Hey that Kaleb just pulled a guy!
by nick h November 26, 2004

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