a male name which means dog (dont ask me why my parents named me dog)(usually spelled Caleb)
note- pronunciation put is wrong
its really Kay-lub
"Hey Kaleb, want to go to the movies tonight?"
by Kaleb Williams July 12, 2003
A great guy who stays true to his word. He's freaking hilarious and he knows just how to make you smile every day. He's as freakin sexy as anything and i love him with all my heart.(:
Girl: That kid is such a Kaleb. I wanna marry him. :p
by joitscj November 24, 2011
A man who is swiggity swooty comin for dat booty
"Do you know Kaleb?"
"Yes, he's hella swag."
by Gingerxx November 07, 2014
Kaleb is a tall and a good looking guy. Most the time a Kaleb is as country as country gets! He likes to drink a lot, he is also really musical, he's the most sweetest and funniest guy when you get to know him, which isn't to hard because he has no strangers, he is also a crazy nut who will do about anything if dared to. Kaleb can be an ass or a "horndog" sometimes though, but at the end of the day you will always love him.
Kaleb you're too damn drunk go home or go to sleep!
by arandompersonnn December 04, 2013
A Kaleb is a depressed young man. A Kaleb tends to spend his days lonely and sad. A Kaleb HATES fun.
My best friend did not want to shoot fireworks at the neighbors, he is a real Kaleb.
by Jimmy hilfiger June 10, 2013
douche bag, mono spreading whore who tends to change his mind frequently.
Sorry I've been an ass, I've just felt like a real Kaleb today...
by bro ho rent boy September 27, 2012
The most fagish person you will meet. If i could chose between fucking a dog or look at him i would kill him. Kaleb, also known as a transvestite. A guy who enjoys girls with penises, preferably from a cartoon.
kaleb is gay
by gabe9689 May 29, 2011

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