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Yes it does exist! It's in Michigan and is a bigger town than people probably think, mainly due to the fact that it's home of Western Michigan University. There is also the much smaller Kalamazoo College, also called K College. There is usually plenty of to do in the area and the public library is nationally known.
"there's a place called Kalamazoo?!"

"I hear there's a party in the student ghetto tonight."
by kzoogirl March 30, 2006
kalamazoo, yes its real!! i have been there!!!! it has a nice mall, and its in MICHIGAN!!!!!!! yeah..... and its quite big and it has KVCC! lol, which is a lame ass colege but it works
lets go to the bad side of kalamazoo and get some hookers babe!!!!! CHEAH!
by nikki October 14, 2006
Kalamazoo is the most incredible guy on the planet. BUT only the second greatest person :)

For other words describing Kalamazoo please see...
amazing, super, incredible, gorgeous, sweet, hot, oh.. and one more!! -> mine :)
Kalamazoo is my sexy bizotch!
by Kristen March 07, 2005
A town where nothing occurs. I think our mascot is the... I dont really know, and nobody really cares. But we have the KWings, I guess thats pretty cool. Not really. Kalamazoo is shitty, and horrible, the best thing we have here is maybe our library, it is pretty nice looking.
I just visited this town and i bought a shirt that said " Yes, there really is a Kalamazoo" - exept, people who really do here, buy these shirts...and wear them. NO shit there really is a kalamazoo, you live here dumbf**k
by noflyway99 February 26, 2005
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