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The word kakki means feces, or shit, in the Sinhalese language. Sinhalese is official language of Sri Lanka.
You're a kakki ball !
by ZOMGZ February 02, 2007
A sparkling individual with strikingly beautiful features. Kind hearted and extremely out going. Loves to cuddle and is always looking for a good time. Knocks the boys off their feet with her sexy style because of it's originality and uniqueness.
The girl next door, Victoria's Secret Model, Goddess, a Modern day Cleopatra, Kakki
by Ryan Secrets July 22, 2010
a loving couple who live their lives together through many hardships and battles. They are so in love that they will never let anything bring them down and will continue to always trust in each other and love each other till death. They will fight till they rip each others hair out, but will always recover by remembering why they live... and that is for each other.
"Omg these two people, who do they think they are?"
"Oh them? They're just Kakki"
by KayforanamestartingwithKay August 18, 2014

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