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the cutest, sweetest,(stupidest and fattest) bird to ever live. in new zealand. help save them- there's only 80 left!
awww fat kakapo
by newzealandrox June 24, 2003
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Yes. Listen to NewZealandRocks. But I think there's only 70. AKA Owl Parrot. If anyone searches this, I will be very surprised.Numbers greatly reduced from us bastard humans introducing cats 'n shit to NZ.
If you call me a hippy, I will replace your eyes with cherry bombs and then eat your family alive.
by Bloody Shovel July 08, 2004
The Kakapo, a large, nocturnal, flightless parrot endemic to New Zealand which is both tree & ground dwelling. It is in decline & is in great danger of going extinct within the next few decades due to the introduction of unnatural predators into their habitat, such as mustelids (stoats, weasels, ferrets) & cats. Conservationists are trying to protect this amazing & now rare species by dedicating whole islands to the quarantine of the bird. The only island where it can now be found in the wild is Codfish Island, & the species is now classed as critically endangered due to the fact that there are only 126 known living individuals...

singular: Kakapo. plural: Kakapo/Kakapos
If you want to find out some more about Kakapo, i recommend either watching this:
The Unnatural History Of The Kakapo

on youtube, or visiting one of the following sites:
by BadAssGirl January 04, 2014
Kakapo is the nickname given to a lady's or a guy's private area when enjoying sexual activities.
The nickname was created by an Egyptian girl and guy who practice the Friends with Benefits ideology.

Kakapo's definition only applies to a couple who have no interest in commitment but only in pleasing one another in every way needed.
Guy: "My kakapo needs a friend tonight, what's yours doing later?"
by birdie numnum August 01, 2011
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