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an amazingly beautiful girl, most likely blond and blue eyed. will make you stop and take a second look after she passes you. the envy of all her friends, even if they don't admit it. Very successful and talented. Also a total fox who knows exactly what men want.
all around the perfect woman

ever man including myself would love a kaili in our lives
did you just see that "kaili" walk bye? god damnnn
by diggitydamn November 11, 2009
118 33
Someone that is pale, blue eyed, blonde hair. They talk to much(according to people named Josh) and are VERY random and fun.

Laugh a lot, about everything.

Clearly, and awesome person.
Kaili Miller
by m,l5yku.weymjyqwr ejwt May 15, 2009
67 51
a tall, slender girl who appears much older than she is.
is often hit on by older men, earning a reputation as "jailbait".
green eyes and pale skin.
very tall and bony.
psychopathic tendencies.
craves attention and will do anything to get it.
19 year old: damn girl, pls let's have sex
kaili: i'm 14 though
19 year old: o
by pete-who November 22, 2012
12 10
A term used to describe when someone does a stupid act which could've easily been avoided.
"I was walking in the senior parking lot when i tripped"
"haha dude you got kaili'd!"
by SHWEETZ December 20, 2008
43 76