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really cool lanky dude. yeah, thats right.
"hey man, do you know that kye dude."
"yeah. he's like the coolest dude in the world."
by kye November 19, 2003
Spoken, it's said "Slash wrists." It is used to show discontent.
A: Dude, I just caught my wife cheating on me with Brian.
B: Oh no way. /wrists!
by Kye June 18, 2006
user of heroin.....
look at that smack rat...hahahahha
by kye May 30, 2004
A magnifiecent man whom my name is will dominate the world and call it the Kyekanian Empire.HAAHAAAHAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHHAHHAAAHAHAHAAHAA
Kye is the most magnificent 10 year old man in the world and I shall bow down to him.GOD SAVE KYE!!!!!!!!
by Kye October 08, 2003
the feeling you get when you laugh. since you aren't always happy and since you aren't always sad, flumpty is simply however you feel when you laugh. sad happy whatever.
i feel flumpty. i felt flumpty. i have flumpty feelings.
by Kye September 12, 2004
A Tigy is a little cat, who is cute, loveable and gay as in happy.
I saw a Tigy the other day, he was so cute and gay!!! OMG!
by Kye April 03, 2005
Nonsensical alternative to the word "lesbian"
Me: You're a sexay lebbian.
sexc_mole: Awww thank you, you're also a cute lebbian.
Me: Let's watch some lebbian shows.
sexc_mole: I love lebbians!
Me: Yeah, we all love those sexy dykes.
sexc_mole: laughs yes, yes we do.

A guy: Look at those lebbians! They're hot!
His friend: OMG.
A guy: I want those lebbians.
His friends: But they're lebbians dude.
by Kye April 04, 2005

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