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abbreviation for "St. Clair Thugs"
sounds better rappin S-C-Ts! instead of 'St. Clair Thugs'

"It's time now for givin up respect to them SCTs from CLE!' East 1999, Bone Thugs n Harmony
by iverbballer September 16, 2007
defeat you, beat you, make you a loser
'And the punk police won't fade me, and maybe we can have peace some day G.' 2Pac Holla If Ya Hear Me
'I don't trip and let it fade me, from outta the fryin pan, we jumped onto another form of slavery.' 2Pac Ghetto Gospel
by iverbballer September 16, 2007
Cantonese for crazy, stupid, bitchy, out-of-her-mind, weird, etc.
so it is -extremely- weird when
we hear Brits say, 'That guy looks kai and hot!' ~kai hear meaning muscular and strongly built
we hear Hawaiins say, 'It's hot, let's have a swim at the kai'
~kai is a noun here, meaning the sea
it is usually used to describe females. if you want to say 'that guy is crazy', say 'deen lo' ~meaning crazy guy
You're so kai! ~cantonese: Lei kai gar!
Fuck off, kai por! ~por means old lady, 'kai por' means stupid/crazy bitch. cantonese: kai por, sei hoi! ~sei hoi: drop dead/fuck off
by iverbballer September 16, 2007

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