A lovely boy that is just to die for! Has a great fun personality with the cutest smile. A lot of girls are after Kai because he is a popular, good looking lad, also known to normally have a sibling that is also very good looking as well.

Also quite a loud boy and normally talks to a lot of girls some people know him as a player...
by EmmaDemend77 January 05, 2012
An individual who stalks cats on a monthly basis, Takes photos and posts them on walls of their homes.
Are you lucking at that cat?
than your a kai
by Joey Sara March 06, 2007
Is a title, that belonging to a master and/or teacher. A head over others.
You must obey your kai or you'll receieve one hell of a beating!
by Chant'L April 01, 2005
lingo for "okays" or basically "ok"
A: I'm hungry. Let's go grab some Inn-n-Out.
B: Kais.
by mewcubed October 12, 2008
Most loyal friend you could ever have.
Chris: Kai has been my best friend for 6 years!
by Popzbruh November 07, 2014
An amazing sexy person who is who probably is Asian which means that they are good at pretty much everything except for getting fat. Made of 100% muscle. Everybody is jealous of him because of his amazing looks and skills. Even though Kai is asian, he can still pronounce his "r"s and "l"s. If you see him you might as well ask for his autograph or hump him.
Wow i wish if I was as nice as Kai.
by Jesus Walks on Water October 26, 2011

1. female human.

2. better than you.
"Sorry man, a Kai is too good for you."
by Haschen February 04, 2010
n. (syn: Cobra)

Said to a person of a very distinctive behaviour, presenting signs of strong paranoia and agoraphobia. These symptoms are accompanied by an unfounded sense of honour and pride which makes the subject an annoyance when it comes to understanding him/her.

The synonym "Cobra" is in fact not a synonym in itself but rather a name given to a certain villain group in a certain "Karate" film.

"Cobra Kai never dies".

If you encounter a subject presenting the above symptoms, call the person "cobra" and he/she will reply with unarticulated grunt, similar to sex noise, in order to express his/her appreciation.
"Cobra Kai never dies"

"Stop doing your Kai"

"Oui" - French and Japanese accents all mixed
by kuiksilver February 06, 2010

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