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something we couldn't figure out in a crossword.
"Hey do you know what a kadiddlehopper is?"

"Can you look up kadiddlehopper for me?"

"The only clue I can't get is kadiddlehopper"
by Ram's Head October 10, 2008
Any bug that your kids ask, what is that?
hey daddy what kind a bug is that; a; its a "kadiddlehopper,"
by Ima.AssOe June 23, 2014
A stupid ignoramus whom you can look down upon. From the Red Skelton character Clem Kadiddlehopper, the archtypal American hayseed ignoramus.
"You think he's a kadiddlehopper? He's nothing compared to George W. Bush!"
by RLK September 15, 2005
This is a game kids (and sometimes adults) play. When in the car, if you spot another car with one headlight burned out, you shout "kadiddlehopper".
There goes another kadiddlehopper!
by Spring Baby March 23, 2010
one who hops diddlers
did u see the kadiddlehopper jump that PC over there
by Clem kadiddlehopper October 16, 2004
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