a fictional or real character that has the makings of a superhuman. an unattainable badass. someone that everyone looks up to, and wishes they could be. the best one of them all.
Did you see that play at the cowboys game. That receiver is kadis!

There's no way he can do that. He's no kadis!
by zutton1 December 27, 2011
Top Definition
1. Another word for sexy, hot, bangably sexy
2. chick with spazzy friends
3. hoochi mamma, kick ass, totally tubular hair!
4. Katia
5. Person that says like alot
1. James McAvoy is so Kadi!
2. Have you seen her Kadi's?
3. Where did you get your Kadi done?
4. ...
5. Kadi- like Im so totally like sexy!
by Kattia May 21, 2008
A naturally beautiful girl, someone who's looks could kill

Has natural talents in academics and fine arts, particularly sculpting and painting

Extremely nice and kind to everyone they meet

A girl with a cute comical laugh

Someone who hates hashtags
Wow, that painting is amazing it must've been made by a kadi

Wow look how pretty that girl is, she's a total kadi
by Thomas thomas thomas thomas May 28, 2013
Another word for the state of being short, height challenged, elf-size, midget, etc.
You're only 4'1''?? You're so kadi.
by Yo Mamma!!! March 23, 2009
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