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In the Us, this term refers to the educational levels served by the public school systems of the state, that is, kindergarten through 12th Grade - the final year of high school.
She has spent years in the classroom, as a teacher, school nurse and health educator, reaching children in grades K-12.
by eXistenZ December 27, 2004
A very powerful saw that will cut anything. Primarily used in firefighting but has many other uses including road work.
Steve: Want me to grab the Irons?
Devin: Nah, just grab the K-12.

Matt: I need the tin snips.
Doug: Forget that just grab the K-12 saw.
by Cut it July 19, 2005
Ignorant, Childish, Foolish.
Somebody steals your shirt inthe locker room, " Oh c'mon guys thats so K12 "
by FriekenEmily August 04, 2009
One of the world's tallest moutains in the same moutain range as Everest in Nepal.
K-12 is a very tall moutain.
by Marc Fisher July 01, 2005