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Artemis (Diana), daughter of Zeus.
Artemis is the virgin Greek goddess of the chase (hunt) and the moon.
by JKD 4 Life August 04, 2010
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The daughter of Leto and Zeus, and the twin of Apollo. Artemis is the goddess of
the wilderness, the hunt and wild animals, and fertility
artemis is also a name for the Eoin colfer books named Artemis Fowl Series...
A teenager boy who conflict with Fairies!
by lordmamali August 12, 2005
A gorgeouse girl mainly a Leo, Scorpio or Gemini.has great features. Light eyes and with dark skin, mainly light hair.One of a kind unforgettable. If you meet a Artemis you will fall in love. Always friendly kind and wants the best for everyone. Usually Artemis's are very artistic wether its in art,music, dance, ect. Once a guy meets an Artemis he should hold on to her , their is non other like her. Relationship wise she will do anything and everything to please her lover, very romantic, and loves spoiling them with love and gifts. Although she might suficate you and annoy you at times but know she's only doing that so she doesn't loose you. Sexually she might not be the best at first but once she starts trusting you she will amaze you. Be genrale to her for she has been hurt. Friends and family she will always be by your side never let anything happen to them. Artemis is a unique girl you will never want to loose.
by Garrot hart January 06, 2012
A stunning girl who has ginger hair and green eyes. When she walks past boys they want her. They fight over her and would kill to have her. She has an amazing body and long curly hair. Anyone would LOVE to be called Artemis.
by qwertyuiopsdfghjkzxcvbn June 22, 2011
Greek goddess of the hunt. She was protector of all wild things, all creature young(including humans), and has some part in childbirth(she helped her mother, Leto, deliver her twin brother Apollo). She was a virgin goddess, and required all her female followers to be the same. She WAS NOT the goddess of the moon. This mistaken idea is caused by her identification with the Roman goddess Diana. The Greek goddess of the moon was Selene.
Artemis cared not for love or romance, but only the chase.
by geinman June 14, 2013
one who is destined to be a great tree in their next rebirth.
"yo dat whodi be a Artemis, shes gonna be a dam tree after she dies"
by Big Thug Dug January 26, 2009
crazy Russian, huge fan of vodka and partying. attractive, buff, and smart at times. Artemis don't care what other people think as long as their having fun.

tend to have long relationships.
loves vodka.
by BonBon1233 April 28, 2011

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