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Mandarin slang for prostitute and is pronounced "Jootah." This word goes back to around the 18th century, when Meng Haoran, a well known chinese poet used the word as a derogatory to prostitutes.
There are jutes at every corner in Amsterdam!
by Dave Goldberg February 26, 2008
a Derryism (a slang word peculiar to the town of derry in N.ireland) used to describe the female genitalia
Fuck me i wouldnt mind sticking wan up her jute sir...
by dopey dick March 03, 2005
1) The act of sexual congress.

2) Not right, FUBARED. A dog's breakfast.

3) To screw somebody over.
1) "I want to jüte you with baby octopi and creamed corn!"

2) "The mechanic jüted my car when he changed my oil-I had to replace the engine!"

3) "Yeah, his old lady jüted him in the divorce-she got all his shite."
by Comrade Mister Yamamoto January 23, 2005

1. two physically attractive people: two young and physically attractive people.


1. Attractive in a jawesome way: endearingly attractive in the way that some people find jawesome.

Comes from the phrase jawesomely cute, where jawesome is a commonly misspelled form of Awesome. Jawesome has been used in texting and chatting and other forms of electronic communication for a couple years now. Then "jute" started to pop up as a word of endearment for those in love.
I want us to be jutes like Adam and Eve.

In my dream we were hanging around being jute.

Hey, you are looking kinda jute. ;)
by Tweedum March 28, 2009
Jute is a coarse vegetable or bast fiber traditionally used to make Burlap or Hessian and Gunny Bags. The major species of Jute are Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius. Jute had a glorious industrial history in Dundee, Scotland. During the start of the 20th century, Jute Industry flourished in Dundee employing more than half of its population. Most of the workers in the Dundee Jute Mills were women. The Dundee Jute Industry died during the mid-20th century.
Jute Fiber, Raw Jute, Jute Yarn, Burlap Bags, Hessian Sacks.
by Asif Anwar July 11, 2006
v. to stab (to death)
corrupted from common W African
him got jute on the estate
by Massive August 09, 2004
One who frequently subscribes to Afro-Eurasian prostitutes (and therefore carries numerous unpleasant STD's)
Shut up you dumb Jute!
by Flash June 04, 2004
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