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also spelled mang, latino for man.
yo meng, let's eat some tacos; it's crunch time!
by nite November 25, 2003
another way to say the word "man"
Yo meng!
Sup meng diddy meng meng!
by AnGdyDrew March 29, 2005
an hispanic man
Meng, you ate my taco!
by Anonymous December 18, 2002
like man
thats gay meng
meng, thats messy
by GT-R May 31, 2003
plural form of mang.
Mang, look at all of those meng over durr.
by choooobz December 11, 2010
Meng is a common cute asian name. It could be used for both girls and boys.
Meng is the best name ever.
by TOTOO November 18, 2006
A term used by youths in Trinidad and Tobago to refer to a vagina
He hates football. He just started playing for a shot at some meng
by Liutile August 31, 2010