One of the gayest mothafucka's ever... he's a prime example of a wigger. He had everyone following his wanksta lead until the super bowl incident with Janet Jackson... he didn't want to be black after that. He even tried to grow corn rows once, but cut them off after i threatened to kick his ass for mocking black and white people that way.

Sour Vaginal Ordor.
Keisha - Damn... girl what's that smell comin' from between your legs?

Le Le - What smell? You surious?

Keisha - Yeah bitch... smells like Justin Timberlake.

Le Le - I better schedule a doctor's appointment..
by I. Jackson December 06, 2004
A stupid, whiny, rich, talentless clown whose idiotic superbowl stunt has turned America into a Talibanesque society. He shouldve never given the right wing the excuse it needed to pursue their agenda.
Justin Timberlake's record sales were down, so were Janet Jackson's....
by BooYaa!!!!!!! March 16, 2004
Timberlake has absolutely no talent. His parents own a chain of summer camps and have been friends with top record executives whose kids attend these camps. These executives made his career as a favor to his parents. It is possible that he may be the ugliest guy on the planet. Totally manufactured star with zero talent or looks.
Milli Vanilli, fake stars.
by JaneKing February 10, 2004
Another average pop singer that is viewed by teenage and tween girls as the "hottest man alive" and to teenage and adult men as a "wigger" faggot whose balls haven't dropped. I really don't see the newfound teen/tween obsession with pop music. It seriously boggles my mind how one can listen to Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, etc. and compare it to rock music classics that more mature people like. Personally I don't think JT is hot, or talented, yet he's not gay and his songs, frankly are listenable. I just can't get over this obsession with pop and Justin Bieber, when you have much greater bands and singers in the past that is being forgotten in this era of "pop".

Go listen to a rock song by AC/DC or another rock band of your choice, (if you know no other bands, you have no musical life outside of pop). Makes pop look like garbage doesn't it?
Guy 1: Justin Timberlake is a fucking spoiled brat who pretends he's black and has absolutely no talent and is extremely ugly besides.
Girl: Justin Timberlake is an adorable, handsome, and talented singer and dancer. For all the people who say he's gay are really queers themselves.
Guy 2: Chill the fuck out he makes stupid songs, and isn't really handsome, but he's not a fag or a bad person in general.
by SCAR-H7.62x51 July 05, 2011
A "singer" who acts black whose voice sounds like a popped helium balloon whizzing around the room!
Justin Timberlake: Ima try ta beatbox now...

Guy (with bleeding ears): Hell just shaddap mannn...
by yoursweetenemy December 19, 2007
Noun. Slang for cocaine. Justin Timberlake is very white. Cocaine is also white.
"We got bricks of da flavor, Justin Timberlake
Last year was 24, dis year is 28!"
by baiku December 07, 2007
An ugly, overrated wigger that for some reason girls think is the hottest most talented guy in the world.
Justin Timberlake:
*in voice of a castrated 12 year old*
"If I wrote you a symphony...."
by Adrian January 23, 2007

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