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A sexual act. When your partner puts both your penis and balls in their mouth. An all-inclusive blowjob. Officially called a "blowjunkin."
My girl was so hot for me last night, she attempted to give me a junkin in the parking lot.
by Jazzual June 25, 2012
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Rare breed of hillbilly from the northeast. Resides anyplace there is a chance to get a neon tan.
Wow we got ourselves a real Junkins here
by Beantown Cop July 10, 2008
1. To steal a pool cue ball from a run down bar, then proceed to be chased and thrown in jail for it.

2. To steal a McDonalds banner from the McDonalds in Marietta, OH while ordering at the drive through. This must also be accomplished past the midnight hour, or whenever they start serving from the late night menu only.

3. To consume enough alcohol that you should not legally drive, then drive to J.P. Henry's to drink. Only to return home because of an minor, throw up at home, then return to the bar to pick up the rest of your now drunk friends.
1. We went into slapshotz, you know the bar we used to hang out at Freshman year? And pulled a Junkin!

2. I was so hungry I had to go to McDonalds, but once I got there I had to have the McGriddles banner hanging right next to the drive through window so I pulled a JUNKIN!!!!

3. She forgot here ID so I pulled a Junkin!!! What a crazy night.
by Phen0m August 31, 2006

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